Getting to Know Herbal Vaporizers

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Getting to Know Herbal Vaporizers

You might have heard of numerous governmental campaigns which say “Smoking is dangerous to your health”. Aside from that, we have witnessed real accounts of lung cancer and other respiratory problems which eventually lead to death…all because of smoking. There are crimes which are induced by the addiction to smoke, and there have also been negative mental/ psychological effects brought about by smoking. It is no wonder why, there has never been a time when the world was more vigilant against smoking.

One of the tools that can lessen the negative effects of smoking is herbal vaporizers. An herb vaporizer does not emit smoke and therefore, there will be no burning, no tar, no carcinogens. The smoking hazards come from the smoke itself, but if you use a vaporizer, you can inhale herb essences without the bad effects of smoke or smoking.

Herbal vaporizers is a tool that’s used to inhale the herb’s essence in its purest form. Meaning, if you are addicted to an herb (cannabis vaporizers, anyone?), or nicotine, and you need your daily fix, you can save yourself from lung cancer by using the best vaporizer. The herbs will be placed in a chamber with the temperature just below ignition/ combustion, therefore, the herbs will be heated to its optimal level, and the heat will make it release its essence/ flavor. Therefore, you will get the good stuff only, and free yourself from the hazards of smoke.

Moreover, vaporizers are already made in more convenient packages today. Though they are not really as tiny as a cigarette or something that you can put in your pocket, there are a lot of portable vaporizers nowadays which you can carry everywhere you go. Also, there are digital vaporizers which are more stable than its manual counterpart. However, its size and the inconvenient consequence still outweigh the benefits that you can get from smoking vaporizers.

Vaporizers are widely available using two methods: convection and remote heating.

The convection method works by heating the herbs through a heating element. This happens by heating the air and that air is delivered to the herbs so the essence of the herbs is drawn out. This essence is inhaled by the user afterwards. The process is easy to understand. You inhale through the tube, the air delivers the heating element, that air reaches the herbs, forms vapor and then is inhaled by the user.

Remote heating for herbal vaporizers uses the same convection principle. However, the heating element does not pass over and they are contained in a separate unit. Heat will be released from a ceramic or metal element then this will heat the herbs to produce their essence. The disadvantage of remote heating is that the herbs’ temperature won’t be controlled by you, but it will depend on your rate of inhalation. With the convection method, you can control it.