VaporBox & VaporTower Vaporizers: Making Healthy Decisions Affordable for Everyone

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VaporBox & VaporTower Vaporizers: Making Healthy Decisions Affordable for Everyone

Emeryville, CA – VaporStore and vaporizing is on the 
rise! Word is out that it effectively reduces the harmful effects of 
smoking. Nonetheless, in order to ensure the health benefits of 
vaporization, buyers must be aware that all vaporizers are not created 
equal. Many first-time buyers fall into the trap of purchasing a low- 
end vaporizer that is cheap and poorly crafted. Vaporizers like this 
can easily break and/or produce undisclosed negative effects to the 
user. Even with a concept that is a true health alternative, one bad 
experience with a cheap vaporizer can ruin a person’s opinion towards 
vaporization entirely. Today, provides the information 
and high-quality goods needed to make the switch to vaporizing worry- 

In a recent study, the types of emissions produced by vaporization 
were investigated. The analysis showed that vapor extracted by high- 
end vaporizers was remarkably clean, most material consisting of 95% 
active ingredients. In contrast, there were 111 different components 
that appeared in combusted smoke, including several known Polycyclic 
Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are produced as byproducts of fuel 
burning. Studies have shown that harmful compounds can account for as 
much as 88% of the total gaseous content of smoke. According to 
clinical trial data from the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 
vaporization now offers a “safe and effective” delivery system for 
patients who desire the rapid onset of action associated with 
inhalation while avoiding the respiratory risks of smoking and 

In addition to being healthier, vaporizers today also prove to be more 
efficient than smoking as there is very little waste and doses can be 
calculated quickly and accurately. Vaporizers have evolved from the 

early years of “metal-plate dome” vaporizers. Today, more efficient 
models exist using convection (hot air) technology and direct 
vaporization methods which allow for the material to be vaporized 
evenly and thoroughly offering a fuller, cleaner taste. Depending on 
the conditions, the efficiency of rolled cigarettes can drop below 25% 
through combustion, wasted smoke, etc. Convection vaporizers like the 
VaporTower prevent the loss of active ingredients by creating an 
airtight seal stretching from the herb chamber to the mouthpiece. The 
less material you waste, the more money you save.

To help customers in tight economic situations, has 
become the only online retailer to offer a payment plan. Just make 
three automatic monthly payments of $70 for its most popular 
vaporizer, the VaporTower. Handmade in Emeryville, California, the 
VaporTower offers a simple yet refined vaporizing experience that more 
than pays for itself. Utilizing 100% ceramic heaters and a glass-on- 
glass connection, these units are not only high quality, they offer 
pure flavor. For more information visit or contact a 
friendly team member at

VaporStore, Inc. has been manufacturing and distributing high-quality 
vaporizers and accessories to its customers with outstanding customer 
service for over 5 years. Compared to other high-end vaporizers, the 
two models manufactured by the VaporStore, the VaporBox and 
VaporTower, are both priced under $200 and serve as value options in 
the vaporizer market. Both models are backed by an unbeatable lifetime 
warranty. Committed to providing their customers with the latest and 
greatest vaporizer technology, VaporStore remains at the forefront of 
the vaporizer revolution.