What is the Composition of E-liquid?

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What is the Composition of E-liquid?

1. The composition of Cartridge(E-Liquid)?Propylene glycol, pure water, glycerol, tobacco flavor, nicotine(from tobacco leaf)?and so on.

INGRENDIENTS                                                                CONTENT           

TOBACCO ESSENCIAL FLAVOR?VIRGINIA                             <5% TOBACCO ABSOLUTE?VIRGINIA                                            <5% TOBACCO ABSOLUTE?BURLEY                                             <5% ORIENT TOBACCO ABSOLUTE?TURKY                                  <5% NICOTINE ?FROM TOBACCO LEAF?                                     <1.2% 2?3?5-TRIMETHYLPYRAZINE                                                <1% 2?3-DIMETHYLPYRAZINE                                                       <1% 2?5-DIMETHYLPYRAZINE                                                       <1% 2-ETHYLPYRAZINE                                                                  <1% 2-ACETYLPYRAZINE                                                                <1% 4-?2?6?6-TRIMETHYLCYCLOHEX-2-BUTENE-4-ONE?           <5% 4-?2?6?6-TRIMETHYLCYCLOHEX-3-BUTENE-4-ONE?           <2% LINAL0OL                                                                                <2% MENTHOL                                                                               <2% METHYL BUTYRIC ACID (2-)                                                     <2% ROSE OIL,BULGARIAN,TRUE OTTO                                          <2% VANILLA EXTRACT                                                                   <5% OCTALACTONE(GAMMA-)                                                        <1% UNDECALACTONE(GAMMA-)                                                   <1% PURE WATER                                                                          50%GLYCEROL                                                                             <10%

2. The taste of the Cartridge(E-Liquid)?Regular? Flue cure tobacco, Vanilla, Menthol, Cherry, 555, Marlboro, Hilton, cigar and Healthcare. And we can product the other taste of the liquid, For example: China,  Ginseng, Green tea, Licorice, Rose, Almond, Apple, Chocolate, Coffee, Cream, Grape, Lemon, Pineapple, Strawberry, etc.

3. Nicotine Density of Cartridge(E-Liquid)?there are 5 complete nicotine density for your choices
*Extra high density of nicotine:  24 mg/g nicotine
*High density of nicotine:  16 mg/g nicotine
* Medium density of nicotine:  11 mg/g nicotine
* Low density of nicotine:  6 mg/g nicotine
*Non density of nicotine:   0 mg/g nicotine
Liquid with nicotine contents of 24mg, 16mg, 11mg and 6mg can only be used as substitute in smoke and cartridge with zero nicotine content is for long-term use. And if the taste is 555?Marlboro , its density of nicotine is Medium, the taste is Hilton, Cigar, its High, amd the taste is Healthcare, its None.

4? Best CBD Vape E-Liquid?In addition to containing Propylene glycol, pure water, glycerol, tobacco flavor, but also add a special ginseng, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E, etc. and no nicotine. It is the best choice for smokers.